Silicon Valley T-Shirts India

Why Silicon Valley is a must watch for all the entrepreneurs!

If you are following the startup ecosystem of the country, then you will have seen a lot of little startups with little to no business/marketing experience who raise a seed round and think that it is already time to pop the bubbly and celebrate their genius. And in case you are relating to this, then the TV series is what you should be watching, and this collection of T shirts on the Swag Shirts online store you should be wearing!

Silicon valley manages to delve into the often-unruly and knotty machinations of the tech company boardroom, the ridiculous hubris and overreach of some startups, and how even the most brilliant people can have no social skills whatsoever. Throw in a shockingly hilarious visual metaphor involving horse breeding and some of the most nimble comic actors around, and you’ve achieved greatness. We simply love how the characters are and the smart 1 liners they use in the show. The show has created suspense, laughter, reality checks and a good amount of drama all in one place.

What started off as a sharp satire of the tech world (and still remains as one) has morphed into a sometimes tense, yet always hilarious, thriller. While we think that it’s the best comedy on TV right now, and one of the best projects creator Mike Judge has worked on during his entire career. Thomas Middleditch (Richard Hendricks), T.J. Miller ( Erlich Bachman), Josh Brener ( Nelson ‘Big Head’ Bighetti ), Martin Starr (Bertram Gilfoyle) and Kumail Nanjiani  (Dinesh Chugtai ) have all played brilliant characters. If you love them as much as we do, then this is a T shirt to buy from the online Swag Shirts store.

There’s Jared (Zack Woods) who is way too square for the environment that he is working in. But the most fleshed out dynamic is between Dinesh (Kumail Nanjiani) and Gilfoyle (Martin Starr), two Pied Piper engineers who couldn’t be more different, yet always end up together. In one episode from this season, the two of them use SWOT Analysis (a planning method that businesses use to analyze strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of a situation) to decide whether or not they should allow someone to die. It is dark comedy stretched to its limits. For the love of characters and TV series, you will love this recommendation from the Swag Shirts store. Wear this while you flaunt your love for the favorite TV show and character.