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30 thoughts on “Enquiry (Call or WhatsApp)

  1. Hi,

    I just paid for two tshirts I ordered and the bank shows that the amount has been deducted.

    Then why is the order showing as Payment Pending?

    1. Hi Madhusmita,

      We checked your cased put your order into processing, you will get delivery in 5 to 7 days. Thank you.

  2. i ordered two t-shirts and the amount has been deducted from the acc but the mail still says the payment is pending could you please update me?????

    1. Hi Ashwin, please provide order id and if possible please give me a call at 9644371050. I will help you out.

  3. i have ordered a hoodie but it hasn’t been delivered yet??

    1. please provide order id or sent it our whatsapp 9644371050, we will tell you real time status.

  4. I had ordered a red Dj Bruce Lee t-shirt via COD.Why is it cancelled?The earlier order was also cancelled stating call not received although I had personally called up you guys.This is harassment.If you guys can’t deliver just say so that we can’t deliver.This order was also confirmed by me.Please don’t display such unprofessional behaviour.

    1. Hi Shayan,your order is under processing as per we spoke over phone about this.

  5. i ordered a tshirt but it hasnt been delivered yet while the money has been paid for and the status of order shows as complete. when can i expect to get the tshirt?

    1. I priya please provide your order id, or give us a call or whatsapp message at 9644371050

  6. hey, i ordered today – https://www.swagshirts99.com/product/minions-black-top/
    and i paid it through debit card but still this item is shown in my Cart, since i have paid for it, i want to know where is my order`s detail?
    is this a valid order ID – 35111_16080819

    1. i checked it in my order and it shows “completed” !!
      what is completed? i am not getting it

      1. Completed means order confirmation is completed and its under printing right now.

    2. Hi Yash Please contact me at 9644371050 via whatsapp, we will check it and solve this issue for you. If possible please give me call asap.

  7. i want to change my phone no to 9437141225 and get the track id

    1. Please provide your order id.

      1. I have not got my track id and my order is ORDER NO.-#36177

  8. I have not got my track id and my order is ORDER NO.-#36177

  9. https://www.swagshirts99.com/product/assassins-creed-ezio-red-hoodie/
    I want to buy this hoodie but the size and colour fields are not there.
    Because of that m unable to add it to my cart.
    Please fix this link.

    1. Size updated

  10. Hi,

    I ordered and payed for two Hoodies I ordered and the bank shows that the amount has been deducted.
    The Order is showing as ‘completed’ and I cannot track it?
    What does this mean and when will I receive my order?

    1. Hi Muskaan, please whatsapp me your email id as soon as you can, so we can check with our payment gateway and put your order into processing.

      1. I did that. I did not get a reply.

  11. Hi I had made an order for 6 t shirts on Dec 17 2016, amount is already deducted but still no info regarding the delivery, when it will be delivered.

    Till now not a single sms regarding delivery, If i call the above number for enquiry, no response is given

    Order ID : 45860
    Email : deepakbalaji.selvam@hotmail.com

    1. Hi Deepak, please whatsapp me this issue at 9644371050 ASAP with your order id and emaild id, i will look into it. Thank you.

  12. Order 58487
    I am due for a refund of Rs 120 because I had to pay 1258 for this cod order instead of 1138. I was promised 2 days in a row that I will be getting it back in my Paytm account within 24 hours. It’s still not there. What’s going on???

  13. Hi ,

    I paid twice for same order .
    One with debit card and one with UPI
    Both transaction is for one order only .
    Please refund the amount .

    1. Hi, We checked and refunded Rs.549 to you for one transaction, please check your emails for details.

  14. Bangalore how many days it will take to reach?

    1. 7 business days

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