Pink Floyd T-Shirt India

Why Pink Floyd is one of the most remarkable bands in the world!

What started as a group of students getting together, ended up becoming one of the most popular bands in the world! Pink Floyd from London has a place in our hearts today because of the progressive and psychedelic music they inspired us with. Every music loves is a fan of their work and distinguishes the use of philosophical lyrics, sonic experimentation in all of Pink Floyd’s songs. And if you are a fan too, Swag Shirts has an amazing collection of exclusive Pink Floyd merchandise on the online store, just for you. Go ahead and browse through our collection.

The theme based albums always spoke so much to us. Pink Floyd was among the few bands of their era to promote albums instead of singles. And their themes stuck a cord with every fan, evoking emotions in a magically different way. For instance, Dark Side of the Moon spoke about madness, and The Wall had a story about disconnect with the society. Their lyrics spoke to us like never before, wonderfully written with symbols and metaphors, making us wonder while creating an impact. If you can relate to this like we can, then this t-shirt available on Swag Short store online in India is perfect for you!

The band has seen immense evolution through the years. While their music was predominantly guided by Syd Barrett in their early years. Songs like See Emily Play, Bike and others of that era have a psychedelic touch. Later, Roger Waters had the most influence, where you would notice albums, like The Wall, having woeful themes. And a little later Gilmour-led Pink Floyd released ‘A momentary lapse of reason’ and ‘The Division Bell’. Gilmour’s era witnessed less distressing themes, overall producing a wide variety of music throughout their career. Although the mood and the themes have remained pretty much the same, the sound is very different in each of these three phases. What phase of their singing is your favorite? Listen to all their songs and choose it out wearing Pink Floyd t-shirts from the Swag Shirts collection.

And we are sure that being a fan you have seen or experienced their live shows! Famous for their elaborate live shows, Pink Floyd has incorporated Light effects, inflatable pigs, building a wall on stage while playing live music at their absolute best! Now who wouldn’t be the fan of a band that puts music for people before everything else. We love pink Floyd and know that you love it too, so here is another collection item from the Swag Shirts online store for you. Happy shopping!