Friends T-Shirts In India

Why FRIENDS is the most lovable TV Series ever..

We at Swag Shirts have always believed in keeping up with the trends, and this TV series in particular has always been in trend. Whether you are in school, or just joined college, or a working professional, this is one show you will be able to relate to, no matter what.

The story revolves around 6 friends, Monica, Rachel, Phoebe, Ross, Joey and Chandler who often catch up in their favorite coffee shop, ‘Central Perk’ and discuss about their day to day activities and problems. Staying in New York and away from their family, they end up becoming a pseudo family together.

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Each of the characters in the show is unique. While Monica is known for her cleanliness and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Phoebe is famous for her openness and randomness. A professional chef on the show, Monica is known to cook delicious things around the holidays. She ends up marrying her best friend, Chandler, an extremely funny and sarcastic man, and they have 2 beautiful babies by the end of last season.


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Can’t you just relate to Monica and Chandler? A cleanliness freak marrying her best friend…we are sure you can find such characters wherever you are. Joey on the other had is a struggling actor who tries his hand at all acting stints coming his way. He falls in love with Rachel just after she has broken up with Ross..yeah! He broke a rule and dated his best friends Ex…we won’t go on to tell you what happens next, but we are sure you have already mind mapped these characters among your group of friends.


friends black sweatshirt friends black teeA brilliant show with life like characters, Friends appeals to one and all. If you are not already following it, now would be the time to start doing so. And if they household names for you already, you can go ahead and buy some FRIENDS T-shirts and Hoodies at You will love them as much as you love the characters.