Born In September T-Shirt

Only the best are born in September!

The best of minds and souls are born in this month, we totally agree. If you are born in September, chances are that you are either a virgo or libra (basically the coolest sun signs of the lot) and you are super intelligent & flexible! If you are born in the ninth month of the year, then this t-shirt on Swag Shirts online store is for you. Available in any colour of your choice, this is absolutely the best one out there. Go ahead and pick your birthday t-shirt from Swag Shirts online store now.

If you were born in September, you are a queen/ king of the house. You are super organised. You are highly intelligent and spiritual, but tend to take adversity very personally. Your biggest weakness is becoming depressed. In order to succeed, you need to turn off the voice of your inner critic sometimes. After all, only princesses are born in September.  A tendency to over analyse situations can also get you into trouble. But you are also the most difficult ones to understand. Proud of your characteristics? As a queen born in September, you better be proud girl! Then this t-shirt available on the swag shirts online store is just apt for you. Being delivered all over the country, you can pick a colour and size of your choice and get it customised to how you want it for your birthday this year! Or it can be a reminder to just let your friends know that it is your birthday and that they should not forget to get you gifts. Either way, this is a must have now!

If you have a friend born in September, then you would know that they are very smart and can get easily bored. They are known flirts, but very loyal in their relationships. They have a hard time sitting still with their child like energy. They are forever young. They are masters at being random. They have an answer for everything. They can change their minds in a second. They are lovers not fighters, but they will still knock you out. They will not take crap from anyone! gift this tshirt to your friends whose birthdays are in September, and they will love you for it! Get started shopping on the swag Shirts online store already!

While all men are equal, we believe that only kings are born in September. Their love is one of a kind, great when found. loves deeply but at times will not show it. Feels it is a sign of weakness.

not one to mess with. Nice to everyone they meet, defends loved ones with all their abilities. They have many fears but will not show it. Most caring people you will ever meet. So much love to give and can spot fake from a mile away. Keep September born people close with this amazing t-shirt from the Swag Shirts online store and make them happy in their birthday month!