Twenty One Pilots T-Shirt India

Why Twenty One Pilots is the new coolest band in town?

Two people who love music come together and play in a basement till they become big! Thats the story of 21 Pilots. Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun have been creating some magic since early 2010’s and if you aren’t a fan of what they are creating, you will be after reading what we have to say for them. For the ones who love them already, here is an amazing t-shirt from the Swag Shirts 99 store.

They are famous to put on a fantastic show overtime they perform. The ones who attend them say that they are never boring and the fans are always jumping with joy. From singing songs about love to everyday things to real life problems, they even have a song about mental health. They acknowledge that the world isn’t all sunshine and smile, that there are tough times in life and their are people out there in the world ending their life. They get that, they understand it and they want to help prevent it. We love them for this and here is a t-shirt dedicated to the awesome singing they do and the causes they stand up for. Check out some more collection of Twenty One Pilots t-shirts on Swag Shirts online store and be a fan.

Oh, how many bands/groups do you know that let the audience be apart of naming a song?

You got it right, 21 pilots let their fans decide the name of a song for them. For their famous song “Ode to Sleep”, they sent a bowl out into one of their first, smaller, showings and had people put in their suggestions and they picked out of the bowl. Can’t imagine how awesome it would be to be a part of such an audience!! For the awesomeness they are, here is a t-shirt you can buy and wear around to show off your favorite band of all time!

Their songs like ‘Car Radio’, ‘Holding On To You’, ‘Stressed Out’, “Migraine’, ‘Guns For Hands’, ‘Tear In My Heart’ and ‘Heathens’  send chills down your spine whenever we listen to it. All their songs perfectly blend piano, vocals, drums, and electronic music into a great ballad about losing a car radio, which makes the song even better. If you haven’t felt the urge to follow them and listen to what they play, give them a chance and listen to their top songs. We are sure they will be on your playlist after a single play. And when you start loving them sooner than later, here is a t-shirt you can buy for your wardrobe from the Swag Shirts online store.