Green Initiative

Giving back to the society- The Swag Shirts Way!

At Swag Shirts, we believe in giving back to the society in our own little way and are strongly convinced to address the environmental issues of global warming. If nature is taken care of, the earth will become a better place for all of us to live in. Thus at every opportunity we get, we try and solve this concern for everyone. We put aside a share from our profit for every order we get to plant a tree in the surrounding areas. And with every 100th order that we get, we plant a tree around us, and on the name of our 100th customer! After all, every small effort contributes towards the big difference.

Swag Shirts team went for a plantation drive last month to beat the heat in summers. Reducing the temperatures were 50 trees planted around the village “Khaira” near Bilaspur in Chattisgarh. To add on, we also electrified houses in the same village by donating solar systems. The team has adopted this village and catering to all their requirements to green energy with the help of 5KV solar panels ensuring 24 hours electricity in all the homes. “We have started with 9 houses right now and a few solar panels, which will expand to more in the future,” says the founder.

Join us in doing well for the society, Khaira village and the homes of villagers there with every order you make on the Swag Shirts online store. Happy Shopping!