Clash Of Clans T-Shirt India

What makes clash of clans so addictive?

Fun to play, addicting are just some of the words that describe this incredibly popular game! We know you have played for over 10 hours last weekend, and you are super obsessed with it! We know you just can’t wait to get your hands on its merchandise, so check out what we have for you in Swag Shirts and grab them before they go!

So the game revolves around the idea of fortifying a base, defending it from invading players and their clans which is totally something we would do in real life as well. Raiding the bases of others in order to gain resources and start the whole process over again keeps us going for sure! And guess what, we don’t leave the game…because if we go offline, our base wide open for a raid! Like you, the game’s other top players stay glued to their screens! We are not saying go offline to buy its merchandise, but we are just showing you an amazing collection from our Swag Shirts online store in India.

The three-minute timer on the raid has kept us glued for hours together on this one! 30 seconds to look at an enemy’s base, then you have to start dropping troops, and only 3 minutes to destroy the enemy’s defences. And if you haven’t already played it, get going on it now!! PS: Its better than addiction to anything else, just like this cool merchandise from Swag Shirts online store is.

We love the fact that when we win a battle and get a trophy, rankings are automatically advanced! The amazing algorithm of trophies keeps us dedicated to what we stand for in the game. For instance, if you lose, you give up a portion of your trophies, depending on if your opponent was a higher or lower rank than you. If you’re fighting someone less experienced, an upset would mean you lose more trophies proportionally, as a win would expected. If you’re the underdog, you have an opportunity to earn more trophies if you’re willing to take more risks. And who doesn’t like that in life, huh?

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